Mike Dolan is one of the Villagers. He is good friends with Simon Reade.


Dolan and Simon Reade find Holly by St. Botolph's Church and ask her what she is doing, apparently praying. However Reade suspects something and they return to find Holly talking to a boy. They question Jamie Tyler and ask him how he got there, when he replies "by bus", Dolan knocks him out with the butt of his rifle. They take Jamie away to be locked up before the Village Assembly.

He wants to hand Jamie over to the police. When The Traveller interrupts, Dolan and Reade are eager to throw him out the Church. When the Council decide to not get the police involved, Dolan suggest they kill him since they have laws on dealing with intruders. However Rita is furious with him, as Jamie is young enough to be his son.

It is presumed he died when the police arrived and killed all the Villagers.


Holly says that he looks ugly when he is angry, which wasn't too hard.


Rita accuses him of being cruel, spiteful and unkind when he suggests they kill Jamie Tyler.