Rita is the guardian and adopted 'grandmother' of Holly and George. She has lived in the Village for about sixty years, since she was born.


Rita is at home, when Holly arrives and tells them of the boy who travelled through the door. As Holly's guardian, she attends the village Assembly meeting where she first sees Jamie. She is furious at Simon Reade and Mike Dolan when they suggest torturing Jamie for information about where he came from, and then kill him.

Holly and Jamie run back to the house, when they hear Miss Keyland has phoned the police, to alert them to Jamie's presence in the village, Rita tells them to leave now. Holly realizes that she had been preparing for this moment for a long time as there is a bundle of provisions, including a torch, stored in the cupboard. After she heard stories about the door from her grandmother when she was a child. When the police arrive, Rita tells them that he has already left. Subsequently the police open fire on the defenceless Villagers.



When Holly and Jamie escape into the woods, Holly sees Rita rests her head on John's shoulder as they stand together, one of her only signs of affection to John that Holly saw.


Only Rita calls Holly by her full name which is Hermione.