The Chairman in Oblivion is the successor to the Chairman in the previous book, Necropolis.

He is described as being even older and more frail than the first Chairman, like a wrinkled tortoise.

He first appears in the "Endgame" section in New York and addresses all the world's richest people on the history of the Old Ones. He then tells them the truth that the reason they have been blessed with this wealth and freedom is so they can join the front lines of the massive army being created in Oblivion, Antartica. Once the delegates are all taken prisoner and herded into camps, he has a private conversation with Jonas Mortlake, telling him two of the Gatekeepers, Pedro and Scott, have been relocated and taken prisoner in Italy. He then instructs Jonas on how to win Scott over to the Old Ones by lavishing him with wealth and domination over whole countries.


When the Chairman arrives in the fortress constructed on the ice field, he learns that all the Gatekeepers are attempting to find one another through the magical doors constructed across the globe.

He is convinced the Gatekeepers will fail because the Old ones have locked the door built into Oblivion by placing a fatal electric current across the gateway, rendering it impossible to pass through.

Matt eventually gives himself up and the Chairman has him tortured for the Old Ones amusement. He takes Richard Cole to him and tells him that, due to Matt's healing powers, he will be able to withstand numerous lacerations inflicted on him and they will continue to do this for one hundred years. Richard then kills Matt with the "tumi" knife.

The sky then bursts into flame and the fortress begins to collapse from inside. The Chairman is quickly killed by a falling icicle, impaling him to the ground.

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