• Hmeig

    Hi, my name is Hmeig - well, not really, but that's my username! I've been on this wiki for a while but I haven't edited that much becase I don't own the books (apart from Necropolis) and I just haven't really had time.

    Anyway, I have just finished reading OBLIVION - the fifth and final book of The Power of Five series (or Gatekeepers). I will add my thoughts later, but for now.. READ IT!

    OH MY WOW! It was amazing. Anthony Horowitz was very clever in how he made it all work out in the end.

    So basically the 5 Gatekeepers and their two companions (Lohan and Richard Cole) are split up all over the world due to not thinking 'where' they were going when they went through the door in Hong Kong.

    In the first chapter released, it was quite confusing as …

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