Hi, my name is Hmeig - well, not really, but that's my username! I've been on this wiki for a while but I haven't edited that much becase I don't own the books (apart from Necropolis) and I just haven't really had time.

Anyway, I have just finished reading OBLIVION - the fifth and final book of The Power of Five series (or Gatekeepers). I will add my thoughts later, but for now.. READ IT!

OH MY WOW! It was amazing. Anthony Horowitz was very clever in how he made it all work out in the end.

So basically the 5 Gatekeepers and their two companions (Lohan and Richard Cole) are split up all over the world due to not thinking 'where' they were going when they went through the door in Hong Kong.

In the first chapter released, it was quite confusing as to what happened but we met Holly who lives in an isolated village. It has been TEN YEARS since the typhoon, caused by Scarlett, devastated Hong Kong.

In that time, the Old Ones (and Nexus) have prepared for the time when someone steps through one of the 25 doors. Did I mention, the OO have inflicted diseases, bombs, basically hell on the population of Earth

So, the Gatekeepers?

  • Pedro and Scott  are captured by Jonas, Susan Mortlake's son, where Scott excludes himself from the Gatekeepers (told ya Danrah) and bargains with the Old Ones in the hopes of keeping his brother safe.
  • Matt and Lohan sell Matt in Brazil then "kidnap" Matt back.
  • Richard Cole takes Scarlett to hospital where she recovers from the bullet with
  • Jamie Tyler meets Holly who lives in The Village.

We meet some *lovely* characters, most notably Jonas Mortlake, son of Susan, who is a bit of a wimp but just as evil as his mother! And how could I forget, Chaos, head of the Old Ones and hell bent on revenge against the person who wounded him in Nazca - Matt.

If you have read the books;

  • What are your thoughts?
  • Did you think that it was a good ending?
  • Did you like Holly's first person narration?
  • Are you disappointed that there was no romance in the series? I was expecting something between maybe Matt and Scarlett, after they bonded in jail in Necropolis. Or Jamie and Holly, who get along so well.
  • Did you think that there were some of the 5 that didn't get as much of a starring role in the last book?